Diesel Repair

Do you own a diesel? Are you having trouble finding the right shop to work on your diesel car or truck? Look no further than Georgetown’s original, Lansdale Automotive. We are your local dealership alternative to diesel repair. Most diesel owners are content to pay the outrageous dealer prices for diesel service and repair. Quality work at an exceptional value is the philosophy that Lansdale Automotive has stood by since 1990, and we have no plans to change.

Diesel Service

If you own a diesel then you know, routine maintenance is the key to ensuring the longevity of your vehicle. A comprehensive maintenance plan includes the factory recommended service intervals as well as the inevitable issues that arise from heavy use. The standard diesel service consists of an oil change of which you can choose any oil you wish. Keep in mind that an oil change for a diesel can require up more than ten quarts of oil and 15 is not uncommon depending on the manufacturer.

Fuel System

A diesel’s fuel system is one of the most critical parts of the engine. The fuel system is much more sensitive to contamination than a gasoline engine and it is essential that the fuel filters are changed routinely. Fuel filters can be simple, inline filters or massive, dual-stage filters with water separators. It is not uncommon for diesel owners to change the fuel filters every oil change as, when the filters become blocked, the engine will not start.

Intake and Air Filter System

The air filter is a key component on your diesel and is critical to top performance. The air filter is the first and last line of defence between the dirty air outside and your engine. The air filter also protects the turbocharger and an air filter is much cheaper than a turbo.

Regardless of what you need for your diesel, a routine service, comprehensive motor work and even fuel system repair and service, Lansdale Automotive is your answer. Contact us today and bring your truck to your local diesel experts, Lansdale Automotive.