Your Hometown Auto Repair for 2017

It is that time of year again, the Christmas lights are up, Santa has been spotted in various places around Georgetown and the shopping season is down to less than ten days. It seems amazing that not too long ago there were over 150 days until Christmas and the pressure of shopping was way down the road.


At Lansdale Automotive we love this time of year and all that comes along with it. What do you get that special someone who has almost everything? We think that is easy: a trip to Lansdale Automotive! We know it isn’t the usual Christmas gift but auto repair is something that everyone will use eventually and wouldn’t you want someone you care about to have the best shop in Georgetown performing the work for them? Well that auto repair facility is Lansdale Automotive.

Local and Proud

We are your local auto repair shop and if it has been a while since you have seen us, we would like to invite you back for the new year. Cars these days can sport a warranty that is likely to outlive the vehicle itself;warranties by nature are not all-inclusive and will not cover everything. The factory warranty that comes with your new vehicle is generally not all-inclusive and does not cover things like oil changes and tire rotations. The dealership will try and convince you that the only way to take care of your vehicle is to bring it back to the dealership. This may be true in a few cases but what if your warranty is the typical 3 years and you plan on keeping your vehicle for much longer?


Better Than A Warranty

The good folks here at Lansdale Automotive want to take care of your vehicle for many years to come. We have the experience and the knowledge to care for your car or truck as good, if not better, than any dealership. No matter what the complex problem is, our ASE certified technicians are able to fix your vehicle with little or no mistakes. We have a comprehensive process in place to double check all of the work that leaves our facility. This means that you can rest assured that your vehicle will be fixed right, the first time.

Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape

Thinking of going north to grandma’s house? In Texas, the snow does not make an appearance that often and when it does, it is a big deal. Let’s say however, that you are traveling for the holiday’s and it has been a while since your vehicle has had any attention. Bring it to us at Lansdale Automotive and let us make sure your car will make it to grandma’s house! An oil change, tire rotation and a tune up will cover all of the bases in ensuring your car is ready to go.

Give us a call this holiday season and let us show you what your hometown automotive service center can do for you. When you need vehicle repair, think Lansdale Automotive.