We Can Get Your Car Ready For Fall!

It’s coming. The weather that we have all been waiting for is just around the corner. In Georgetown we live with pretty much ideal conditions in the fall, the gorgeous mild weather and the nights getting cooler. That does not mean that the your car should be neglected, however. At Lansdale Automotive we are here for your auto repair needs and that means not simply a random breakdown but preventative maintenance as well. The summer heat will soon be gone but the effects of the brutal weather that we endured this summer can still have lasting effects when it comes to your car.


Oil is the key. That’s right, the oil you put into your car is actually designed to breakdown and become inundated with particles. These particles could be dirt, little pieces of metal from your engine and broken down oil in the form of sludge. Oil is best changed when it is warm to reduce the amount of sludge that ends up staying around in your engine. This means that your oil is working overtime in the summer heat by carrying all of that garbage away from the internals of your engine. The bottom line is, fall is the ideal time to change your engine oil. The winter cold will be kinder to fresh clean oil and your engine will thank you.


The next important thing that should be inspected are your belts and cooling system. Heat does a number on your engine belts and it is always at the wrong time when a belt decides to fail. Modern cars generally have one large serpentine belt that runs your accessories and alternator. They may run the fan as well which will affect cooling. It is a good idea to change out the coolant in your car and have the cooling system flushed to remove deposits and such. Coolant provides protection to cold as well as heat and it should be in top shape.

Of course check with us at Lansdale Automotive for your specific needs, as far as manufacturer recommendations. We are certified to work on almost any vehicle, so for your fall tune up make an appointment today!