The Worst Possible Moment

It is early morning and you have a meeting beginning in an hour. You grab your cup of coffee and promptly spill it on your new white shoes. You husband pulls out to the driveway happy with a blissful smile on his face. You growl under your breath as you turn the key in your car and nothing happens. “Great!” you think; this is the last thing you need today. It could be the battery or a hundred other small problems. Time to call Georgetown’s finest auto repair shop, Lansdale Automotive.


Electrical issues

The problem with modern vehicles is the outrageous configuration of electrical systems. We tend to think of our cars as a key and a steering wheel, the problem is, your car sees itself as an almost otherworldly being. The new vehicles can communicate with the manufacturer, brake when in danger and park themselves. If they can do that, why do they choose the worst possible time to refuse to start?

Tune up

The best way to ensure your vehicle is running in peak condition is to have the professionals at Lansdale Automotive give your vehicle a tune up. What does a tune up consist of? A general tune up is a somewhat-antiquated term in its own right but the idea is the same. The manufacturer releases guidelines about what to check at each milage benchmark. This is so issues are identified prior to the seven a.m. meeting. So give us a call today to have your vehicle serviced by the best!