The Great Repair Estimate Challenge

A great bumper sticker was sighted in Round Rock the other day that said, “It is finally fall in Texas! What does that mean? Nothing, it’s still 96 degrees.” We all can appreciate that for what it is, the cold hard truth. Your car or truck has been slogging through the heat of summer and much like you, your car is probably breathing a sigh of relief. The time is now to get that maintenance performed based on the recommendations in the owner’s manual. Don’t have an owner’s manual? The good folks at Lansdale Automotive will be able to tell you what is needed!

At Lansdale Automotive, we have over 25 years of experience and access to all of the current literature on maintenance schedules.

The Lansdale Advantage

Let’s say however, that you decide to take your vehicle to one of those “other” shops. You know the kind, a franchise, corporate shop with a focus on selling cars and not servicing them. The impersonal way that a place handles its business has no place in the Lansdale Automotive way of thinking. We believe in our values and a sense of family that we share with our customers. In fact, we are so confident in our ability to provide you with superior service, we invite you to take our Repair Estimate Challenge.

The Repair Estimate Challenge

At Lansdale Automotive we take car and truck repairs extremely serious. We understand that with the cost of vehicles and their repairs in this day and age, the margin of error for diagnosing problems is extraordinarily small. The cost involved is too high these days. What we propose is, bring in your estimate from the corporate guys and let us diagnose the problem. We can compare the estimates and see which is going to save you the most money. We think you will see that Lansdale Automotive is the clear leader. Take the challenge today an