The ASE Mechanic

When you bring your car or truck to the shop, have you ever thought about the person working on your car? The guy you don’t see, but who has an incredible amount of control over the quality of your repairs. That guy that is behind the scenes, up to his elbows in grease, blood on his knuckles and oil under his fingernails. A guy like that can’t be made, a guy like that is forged, it’s a birthright. Ninjas are the chosen ones who possess a unique skillset and these guys (and ladies too) have the same type of unique abilities. They know things about cars, but it is not that simple, they live cars, breathe cars and study cars. These are the mechanics that you will encounter when you take your car or truck to Lansdale Automotive.

The Long Road

To gain an ASE certification, a mechanic must be exceptional at their job, it is not as if someone just out of school will be ready. The process of becoming an ASE Certified Technician is a process that begins when the first bolt is turned, the first batch of oil is drained and the first diagnosis made. ASE is as much about tests as it is about experience, it is an uphill road and it is not an easy one. A technician needs to be able to know his job so well that he can articulate it in the written form. It is like describing what the color blue looks like to someone who has never seen it, difficult and abstract.

The Lansdale Standard of Quality

Once a technician reaches Master ASE Certification they have proven themselves to the entire industry. The Master Certification is nothing to be taken lightly, nor is the ASE Certified badge. The standard that ASE holds to its certifications is the same quality standard that Lansdale Automotive is founded upon. For us it is the best or nothing, we care about your repair.