OK, time for a quiz:

Your car has hundreds of moving parts, mechanical marvels and general rotating entities of various shapes and sizes, you need not be a mechanic to guess the most important item in your car. All of these pieces and parts have one thing in common. What is it?

Give up?

They all rely on lubrication.

OK, the engine in your car has something in it that is not part of it but is essential to its operation.

OK, that was an easy one…

The engine oil.

Last one, what happens if you do not change your engine’s oil?

Bad things my friend; bad things indeed. Your engine, if deprived from the lubricating properties of engine oil for long enough, will seize, blow up and generally create a very expensive situation.


The Most Important Part

It is hard to stress how important lubrication is to the proper operation of mechanical assemblies such as your engine. The absolute best thing you can do to extend the life of your car is follow the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual, particularly the oil change intervals. Lansdale Automotive is Georgetown’s oldest and most trusted repair facility. Our army of skilled technicians will produce work of exceptional quality and are backed up by knowledgeable, honest leadership.

One Stop

Lansdale Automotive is your local choice for routine maintenance of your car or truck. We offer a reminder service for your preventative maintenance needs. You don’t even need to remember when your car needs an oil change because we will remind you! So, think of us next time that little oil change reminder pops up on your dash!