Not Just Blowin’ Smoke

The Texas sun is blasting down on your head and it is days like this that you wish your air conditioning worked. Its cool though, you have a convertable. It is unfortunate that a convertible is only comfortable this time of year in your garage and at night. The thing is, you don’t even care about your air conditioning because right now you are sitting in traffic on 35 and your car starts to smoke. White smoke and it covers all of the lanes of traffic. “What is that?” (Along with a few other choice words) It may be time to pull in to Georgetown and stop by the oldest and most respected auto repair facility, Lansdale Automotive.


The White Fog

The thing with white smoke like that is the fact that it could have many different origins. The safest bet when something like that happens is to call in the experts. What if it is ten at night and you had to have your car towed to us? That is no problem at all as we have a drop box for your keys and we will check on your car as soon as we can. There is no reason to fear the white fog when you have the best mechanics in Georgetown looking after your vehicle.

The Shop You Can Trust

Regardless of the issue, whether it be a surprise breakdown, or a tire rotation and a routine brake inspection, we are there for our neighbors. We take pride in our Texas roots and have raised our families in and around Georgetown. Next time you have an automotive issue think Lansdale Automotive and trust the professionals.