Kids in Cars

The heat is miserable. It is like a blast furnace or that scene in Apocalypse Now when they are floating down the river. So hot you can taste it. Cancel that, so hot that taste has now removed itself from your mouth and all you can truly taste is pure radiating heat. It is as if the water saturating the air is close to the boiling point. The worst time to be a car has got to be the dog-days of summer your tires are hot, your engine is fighting to stay cool and your air conditioning is barely keeping up. The interior of a car parked in the parking lot can reach upwards to 150 degrees. That is pretty severe by any standards. Lansdale Automotive is your hometown auto repair shop serving Georgetown. We care about our neighbors and want to talk about kids and animals in cars.


Brutal Heat

Now, 170 degrees is the internal temperature of a brisket that is almost completely done, and that’s in no way a temperature range that a human should endure. The danger is real for our kiddos strapped in their carseats catching a nice little nap on the way home. The reality of the situation is, sometimes it is really easy to forget about your child in the hot car. That is why we want to raise awareness of this terrible problem. People are quick to judge when accidents happen and education is the key. On average, 37 kids die every year due to being left in a hot car, and that is 37 too many. As parents, we need to make a conscious effort to check the back seat every time so that next summer that number drops to zero. Lansdale Automotive would like to remind you to be safe out there this summer and take care of one another.

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