Its AC Season!

It’s spring! The bluebonnets have made their appearances, and now it is time to consider that magical, sorcery that Texans cannot live without; air conditioning. It may have been a while since you have turned on the air conditioner in your car, or it may have been yesterday. The point is, are you sure that your air conditioner is working to its maximum potential? Before those gummy bears melt in the vents, it’s time to head down to the premier auto repair facility in Georgetown, Lansdale Automotive.


Stay Cool

Contrary to popular belief, your AC system is a lot more intricate than the little blue button on your dashboard. Our experienced technicians will hook up the necessary diagnostic guages and determine the health of your AC system. Like a spider monkey hanging off of your engine your AC system is a complex, almost living, part of your car. The effectiveness of an AC system is dependent on many things. Have you heard your belt making angry noises recently? It could be the result of a failing compressor. In any case, if you hear something that doesn’t quite feel right and the air coming from the vents is warmer than it should be; we can help.

Lansdale Automotive is your full service, complete auto repair facility serving you, our neighbors and the Georgetown area. We have been part of the community since 1990 and look forward to many more! So if you have any questions about your AC system, or your vehicle in general, give us a call and don’t forget to print and clip the coupon here for a free AC check and a discount on service.