Georgetown’s Own, Lansdale Automotive

We have all been there—that sickening moment when your vehicle stops working. It used to be easy, 30 years ago we all had that friend who could come over and at least diagnose the problem. Now, in this age of fully computer controlled vehicles the days of the shadetree mechanic are slowly fading into oblivion. The thing is, those guys 30 years ago who could fix your car on the side of the road, or at least tell you what was wrong, they are still around and they just happen to have a shop of their own. Lansdale Automotive is Georgetown’s finest auto repair facility and we can help if that car or truck of yours seems to have decided to quit.


You may have a Ram 3500 Cummins with an 8 inch lift and a serious set of 38 inch Nitto Grapplers underneath or you may have an Infiniti G37 with a lowering kit that can barely make it over speed bumps. Big, tall, short and small, we can fix them. We have ASE certified technicians with a variety of interests and specific talents, meaning that no matter what is going on with your vehicle we will find an expert to fix it.


What sets us apart from the big corporate owned shops in the area is that we were born here; we went to school in Georgetown, we raised our families in Georgetown and we spend our money in Georgetown. We serve the automotive needs of our neighbors and plan on continuing for many years to come.

We offer pretty much any service for your car or truck. Let’s say that all of a sudden you drive through a puddle and your windshield wipers turn on. No, it is not a lucky coincidence that your vehicle has conveniently turned on the wipers, it is probably an electrical issue that needs attention. At Lansdale Automotive we repair and diagnose electrical issues. Your big old truck just might have a clunking noise when shifting. That could be a transmission or drivetrain issue. At Lansdale Automotive we diagnose and repair drivetrain and transmission issues.

The thing about transmission and electrical issues is that to diagnose them, it takes a specially trained technician, particularly in this era of cars that almost drive themselves. I mean, have you seen the truck that backs up your boat for you? It is simply crazy what they can do these days. Anyway, our technicians are highly qualified and each and every repair is double checked by the owner(s) of Lansdale Automotive to ensure accuracy. This is simply to put another set of eyes on the issue, making sure that the customer is satisfied.

The bottom line is, at Lansdale Automotive we are still those guys from 30 years ago, you know, the ones you call when you want your vehicle fixed, and fixed right. Now we have our own shop and whole lot more experience. The thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to our hometown, if you haven’t been to see us yet, print out the new customer discount coupon below and save 20 percent off of services up to $100!