Diesel Repair Georgetown

Summer has been fun here in Texas. Many trips to the lake, a random San Antonio vacation and a long slog to your hunting lease. Your diesel is probably in need of some serious maintenance. At Lansdale Automotive, we are proud to be Georgetown’s diesel specialists, where we have been serving our neighbors for well over 25 years. That is some staying power.


Speaking of power, no doubt your diesel pickup is built like a tank and is one of the nastiest trucks on the road. That being said, the punishment that comes from towing can wreak havoc on your diesel engine and drivetrain. There is an old adage in drag racing about the weakest link showing up at the wrong time. That is 100 percent true, but with modern diesels the likelihood of a failure is determined by maintenance practices, more than any other thing. It is critical that your diesel is maintained by someone who can accurately diagnose any problems and is able to repair a diesel engine.


If you happen to have a diesel pickup it is more than likely for towing and hauling. Hauling the boat to the lake, the tree branches to the dump and your mother-in-law to the airport are all taxing on your transmission. A general consensus is that any automatic transmissions are a weak link. That was predominately before manufacturers started building the transmissions that we have today. The key to increasing the life of your transmission is to keep the fluid and filter clean and fresh. Transmission fluid will last quite a while under normal conditions but it is a good idea to change it yearly.

Lansdale Automotive is your diesel specialist serving Georgetown and the surrounding area. If you need maintenance or repair for your car or truck, gas or diesel, please give us a call. We will fix it the right way.