1. Georgetown’s Own, Lansdale Automotive

      We have all been there—that sickening moment when your vehicle stops working. It used to be easy, 30 years ago we all had that friend who could come over and at least diagnose the problem. Now, in this age of fully computer controlled vehicles the days of the shadetree mechanic are slowly fading into oblivion. The thing is, those guys 30 years ago who could fix your car on the side of the roa…Read More

  2. The ASE Mechanic

    When you bring your car or truck to the shop, have you ever thought about the person working on your car? The guy you don’t see, but who has an incredible amount of control over the quality of your repairs. That guy that is behind the scenes, up to his elbows in grease, blood on his knuckles and oil under his fingernails. A guy like that can't be made, a guy like that is forged, it’s a birthri…Read More

  3. The Great Repair Estimate Challenge

    A great bumper sticker was sighted in Round Rock the other day that said, “It is finally fall in Texas! What does that mean? Nothing, it’s still 96 degrees.” We all can appreciate that for what it is, the cold hard truth. Your car or truck has been slogging through the heat of summer and much like you, your car is probably breathing a sigh of relief. The time is now to get that maintenance p…Read More

  4. Diesel Repair Georgetown

    Summer has been fun here in Texas. Many trips to the lake, a random San Antonio vacation and a long slog to your hunting lease. Your diesel is probably in need of some serious maintenance. At Lansdale Automotive, we are proud to be Georgetown's diesel specialists, where we have been serving our neighbors for well over 25 years. That is some staying power. Engine Speaking of power, no doubt your di…Read More

  5. We Can Get Your Car Ready For Fall!

    It’s coming. The weather that we have all been waiting for is just around the corner. In Georgetown we live with pretty much ideal conditions in the fall, the gorgeous mild weather and the nights getting cooler. That does not mean that the your car should be neglected, however. At Lansdale Automotive we are here for your auto repair needs and that means not simply a random breakdown but preventa…Read More

  6. Old School Service

    The day has come and the skies seemed to have parted through the slight drizzle of late spring. Ok, actually, it was about three raindrops, but you just drove off in your dream car and do not want to get any dirt on it. About three blocks down the street a strange knocking fills the passenger compartment. Your dreams of having a fully functioning dream car are slowly rattling away with the knockin…Read More

  7. OK, time for a quiz:

    Your car has hundreds of moving parts, mechanical marvels and general rotating entities of various shapes and sizes, you need not be a mechanic to guess the most important item in your car. All of these pieces and parts have one thing in common. What is it?   Give up?   They all rely on lubrication.   OK, the engine in your car has something in it that is not part of it but is essential to its …Read More