1. The Worst Possible Moment

    It is early morning and you have a meeting beginning in an hour. You grab your cup of coffee and promptly spill it on your new white shoes. You husband pulls out to the driveway happy with a blissful smile on his face. You growl under your breath as you turn the key in your car and nothing happens. “Great!” you think; this is the last thing you need today. It could be the battery or a hundred …Read More

  2. Not Just Blowin’ Smoke

    The Texas sun is blasting down on your head and it is days like this that you wish your air conditioning worked. Its cool though, you have a convertable. It is unfortunate that a convertible is only comfortable this time of year in your garage and at night. The thing is, you don't even care about your air conditioning because right now you are sitting in traffic on 35 and your car starts to smoke.…Read More

  3. OK, time for a quiz:

    Your car has hundreds of moving parts, mechanical marvels and general rotating entities of various shapes and sizes, you need not be a mechanic to guess the most important item in your car. All of these pieces and parts have one thing in common. What is it?   Give up?   They all rely on lubrication.   OK, the engine in your car has something in it that is not part of it but is essential to its …Read More

  4. Its AC Season!

    It’s spring! The bluebonnets have made their appearances, and now it is time to consider that magical, sorcery that Texans cannot live without; air conditioning. It may have been a while since you have turned on the air conditioner in your car, or it may have been yesterday. The point is, are you sure that your  air conditioner is working to its maximum potential? Before those gummy bears melt …Read More